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Exhibitions & Trade Shows


01. Intro

Inventi cater for all levels of trade show needs. We have vast experience in all types form a 3 x 3 shell scheme to a 15 x 10 space only, dual level installation. We also support our clients with planning, infrastructure, accessories and delivery.

02. The Brief

We are constantly seeking to improve our client's presence at their nominated trade shows. We consult on how their budget is best spent and on how their can maximize their exposure. We also offer, marketing and communications support for each show, inviting delegates, securing their appointments and proving an easy to use system for proving ROIs for each show.

Make Concept

We design in CAD, propose solutions for consideration, cost and program the works, enabling our clients to consider all options, safe in the knowledge that they are in safe hands.

Prototyping & Design

We allow the client to choose forma series of design options and quickly create a visual prototype for them to approve, using CAD and if it requires, a 3D printed model.